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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

❤️ of the Home - August

❤️❤️A monthly post dedicated to Susan Branch❤️❤️

Growing herbs is fun because you can grow them in pots near your kitchen door. . . .

Susan Branch offers these recipes that use fresh herbs and flowers. . . .

Doesn't it look beautiful. . . .

photo:  Susan Branch

Here are more Summer fruit recipes to enjoy. . . .

Ice Cream is definitely a good idea any time of day or night.  This looks like a great drink for children AND adults. . . .

August is a big birthday month. . . .

The 5th would have been Susan's dad's 94th birthday.  You can read Susan's birthday card to him on what turned out to be his last birthday.

Joe Hall celebrates his birthday on the 14th.  You can read about Joe's Birthday Party from a few years ago.

Susan always puts Julia's Child's birthday, the 15th, on her calendars as well as Tasha Tudor's on the 28th.

Tasha Tudor loved Corgis so Susan made a Corgi bookmark, in honor of Tasha, that you can print out HERE.

In 2014 I hosted a 99th Anniversary Tasha Tudor Birthday Party.  You can read about it HERE.

Summer Days can get quite hot in our part of the country.  When the temperatures soar and the humidity rises it is a good time to stay inside, if you have air conditioning.  Indoor projects, such as Susan's legacy box, can be a fun way to while away the time.  You can read about her Legacy Boxes on her blog.  Here is one of the items she put in it. . . .

I have started Legacy Boxes for my grandchildren.  I will put Susan's lovely calligraphed quote in mine, too.

 Most schools start before Labor Day weekend now.  Vacations are over.  Shopping for school supplies and clothes are the order of the day.

Were you sad to see summer end when you were a child?  As a parent did you look forward to September?

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  1. Love, love, love ... had forgotten about that post for Blog Daddy's birthday. So special. I miss his comments in her posts <3

  2. I think I was a little sad to see Summer end each year, but for as long as I can remember, September has seemed like the "real" New Year season to me. I LOVED school and was so excited to get new shoes, spanking clean 3-holed punched paper, new pencils etc. I went to parochial schools most of my pre-college education, so new clothes weren't really a part of the whole back-to-school deal [we wore uniforms]. But we always got new shoes & sometimes a couple of new blouses to wear under the uniform jumper. And new school supplies of course. I'd stand for what seemed like hours choosing just EXACTLY the right color folders etc. We covered our textbooks too - the first week of school - & I remember how I'd watch my Mom's skilled hands expertly folding and taping the plain brown grocery bag paper we used. I couldn't believe how fast Mom could do a single book & I didn't think I'd ever be as good as it as she was but I definitely remember that the responsibility finally became mine in 6th grade, in the Fall of 1968. I didn't do it as well as Mom then - I still don't. My Mom had a gift for this kind of work [she worked with wallpaper, Contac paper, wrapping paper, you name it - like a pro. But it was a bit of a rite of passage being allowed to do my own books. Mom still had to do my 5 siblings' book so she wasn't out of a job or anything though - LOL. But September always feels like the real New Year to me. Summer activities end for the most part, even though the season doesn't officially change for 3 more weeks - and we start to THINK Fall. Even if we don't haul out sweaters or see pumpkins, leaves, apples at roadside stands etc for a while. The business world definitely does its part though - I saw Halloween decorations & candy in the supermarket today. Bummer!

  3. Welcome back, Janet! You've been missed. I feel the same way about September--that it feels like it should be the New Year. Until my youngest graduated from college in 2010 my year revolved around the ending and beginning of school each year. Even now when I see the ads for school supplies or the extra-long twin sheets for college dorm beds I get a twinge of nostalgia for the "good ol' days." I can see why you became a teacher when you grew up--you didn't want to leave school just yet.


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