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Friday, July 14, 2017

Norwegian Get-Together

Yesterday we met at member Chris's home to get a taste of Norway--a country she has visited several times and from which her ancestors migrated.  We started the afternoon with cold cantaloupe soup--especially refreshing since the temperature was in the 90s. . . .

We had several little guests join us on the porch of Chris's bank barn. . . .

After our lunch Chris showed us some designs we might want to try for the bird house gourds we were going to paint. . . .

She also showed us several Norwegian folk designs. . . .

But everyone opted to express their own style while we listened to World Folk Music. . . .

Bird houses painted, we sat down for a traditional Norwegian waffle dessert. . . .

You can use strawberry jam or make your own strawberry and sugar concoction as you'd make for strawberry shortcake.   Spread a dollop of whipped cream or sour cream on top and roll it up.  Delicious!
We then gave the children a tour of the farm--a 3-week-old donkey with her mother. . . .

The cows were vying for our attention so Chris took the little ones to the hay shed to throw some hay into the pasture. . . .

Of course, the chickens got attention as well, and a little egg collecting took place. . . .

Once the bird houses were dry, we sprayed them with a protectorant. . . .

Thank you Chris for hosting a fun afternoon of fellowship, food, and creativity!

❤️Take Joy❤️


  1. What a lovely day you enjoyed with your friends! I loved seeing the Norwegian food as I'm a member of the Daughters of Norway, a national lodge for those who are Scandinavian. The bird houses are so adorable. Happy summer, Pat

    1. I will have to tell Chris about the Daughters of Norway! Happy summer to you, too, Pat. ❤️

  2. What a wonderful day you all shared! Loved the birdhouses & seeing the little girls participating!

    1. You would have enjoyed it! You will have to plan to visit when we have a get-together.

  3. Your pictures turned out beautifully, Cathy! It was such a lovely afternoon.

    1. Thank you, Edie. It WAS a lovely afternoon!

  4. Very nice day with your friends and children, Cathy. Gourd painting is a fun activity for children to express their creativity. I have a very good friend that just returned from Norway and she has shared the most amazing photos of this magical country. It makes me want to travel there one day. ♥


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