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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

❤️ of the Home - March

March is a transition month.  It's the month that can't make up its mind between Winter and Spring!  Susan Branch's March 2017 calendar page encourages us to keep a diary, which is a good way to deal with fickle March because it gives us a way to express our feelings. . . .

Check out Susan's post about keeping a diary:  Looking Back in Hindsight.

Keeping a diary was an important part of developing her creativity.

Keeping a diary also helps you see the magic that already exists in your life and leads to. . . .

At least, that is what it's done for me.  By putting my thoughts into sentences, and keeping track of them on paper, I was led to write poems and children's stories which then led to my desire to learn to illustrate those stories.

~ ~

March is also the time of year many of us do Spring Cleaning!  Susan has lots to say about that. . . .

Here are a few of her posts about freshening our homes after a long winter:

I like her idea to use the dishwasher to wash the dishes and glasses that she displays on open shelves rather than just dusting them.  A much easier way to make them shine again!  She also washes and starches her cotton table scarves every year.  I remember my mother airing mattresses outside and doing extra housecleaning in Spring.  I change my decor every season which is a great time to do a thorough dusting of shelves and objects.  I also change the curtains in my dining room in the Spring from the ones I put up for Autumn/Winter.

~ ~

It's always fun to celebrate holidays.  Susan provides us with a recipe for Irish Coffee to celebrate St. Patrick's Day on the 17th.  Maybe this is why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day--we need something in March to take our minds off the crazy weather. . . .

If you are a teetotaler it would be just as good with just the creme de menthe!

Or you may like to try her Irish Stew with Buttered Noodles recipe. . . .

~ ~

By the end of the month Spring will have arrived for many of us and we will be itching to get out into our gardens.  Here is Susan's plan for a small garden outside her kitchen. . . .

You can see how it turned out HERE.

In the meantime, we can bring a little of Spring indoors. . . .

Or add a wreath to your door. . . .

~ ~

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Making special Spring-themed desserts is always fun.  I made this for my granddaughter's first Easter. . . .

These are especially delicious:  Carrot Cupcake Recipe

Do you have any Spring rituals?  Special recipes you only make in the Spring?

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  1. So wonderful all of this..love the drawings and shared recipes the writing and the Irish Stew and Irish Coffee...so lovely for this time of year..all so much fun too for the Soul. Thank you for this refreshing post of Love,.,,Merri

    1. Thank you, Merri, for such a lovely comment! So glad it brought you a little "sunshine". ❤️


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